Concepts of Money, Interest (Riba), and Capital Revisited from Islamic Standpoint.

English-book introduction-Amended

Exploring New Frontiers in Islamic Economics

My thoughts and Excerpts Narrated by Camille Paldi

TECHNICAL APPENDIX - Bandung international seminar

My speech in Indonesian Universities (PowerPoint)

The Concepts of Money, Interest (Riba) & Capital re-visited from Islamic Standpoint (Farsi)

Brief Comparison between Opportunity Cost of Capital in Riba-based and Riba-free (Economic) Systems (Farsi)

Islamic Banking and its place in Islamic Economics (Farsi)

Speech made at Bank Negara

Summary of my book printed in Global Islamic Finance Magazine

Papaer presented in Malaysia Exploring New Frontiers in Islamic Economics

Paper presented at Harvard's Seventh Forum on Islamic Economics

Islamic Banking and Islamic Capital Market as It Should Be

Competing IRRs in Islamic Banking and Zero Cost of Capital

Islamic Banking: A last Ditch to Save Capitalism

Islamic Leasing and its Impact on Islamic Banking in Iran

Integrating Money in CapitalTheory: A Legal Perspective Towards Islamic Finance

An analytical Review of Islamic Banking as Practices in Iran

Resource Mobilization for Government Expenditures

The labor’s income share in an Islamic framework