Looking for an ideal economic system economists have long been striving for? A system with stable prices, full-employment, equitable distribution of income, and steady growth?

If you can visualize it...We'll make it happen!!

All above seemingly conflicting goals can simultaneously
be achieved by: (1) Making money an
endogenously-determined variable via
"integrating money in capital theory", (2) Using Friedman Rule
and applying Islamic contracts to construct Islamic Banking.

Your life is worth making a difference.
It takes change in attitude to change life for the better.

Islamic Money and Banking: Integrating Money in Capital Theory; John Wiley & Sons (2009)

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Iraj Toutounchian Consultancy (ITC)
ITC will provide services to the on-going and newly established conventional banks. These services will include the transformation of banking functions to Islamic Banking/Finance practices. The process of transformation for the ongoing establishments will take gradual steps but for the newly established financial institutions the transformation will be a one-shot process.

Skills and Abilities:
• Preparing documents on Islamic Banking/Finance contracts
• Training the trainers of Islamic Banking/Finance
• Giving lectures on Islamic Banking/Finance to top management officers
• Structuring the organization of Islamic Banking/Finance
• Preparing draft-laws and by-laws of Islamic Banking/Finance
• Disseminating the laws and regulations of Islamic Banking/Finance
• Publicizing the laws and regulations of Islamic Banking/Finance
• Implementing Islamic banking/Finance laws and regulations
• Monitoring the implementation of Islamic banking/Finance

Above functions will be carried out by experienced and competent scholars in different areas such as Islamic economists, experts in Islamic Banking/Finance, Islamic legal counsels, Islamic oriented accountants, and Islamic oriented managers.

In 2011 World Bank elected Prof Iraj Toutounchian as an Islamic Finance Expert to provide Consulting Services for the world bank project titled “Expanding Access to Islamic Finance for SME’s in Indonesia: Creating Pilot Assessment Tool”. e.Gen. Consultants Limited was selected by the World Bank, in this project, as the Lead Firm/Prime Contractor in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank Procurement Guidelines.

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